Overwhelming Medical And Scientific Consensus - The Cornerstone of our Practice

We create a blue-ribbon multidisciplinary team that renders a unanimous conclusion on the issue(s) presented to them.  Then, depending on the requested format and the need of our clients, we:

  1. Construct testimony that forms the bases for our client’s medical causation presentations; and/or
  2. Direct the creation of multidisciplinary and multi-signature consensus documents that extensively review the existing literature and data and reach unanimous conclusions on the important health issues; and/or
  3. Publish the consensus in the world’s most authoritative peer-reviewed journals; and/or
  4. Create individual expert reports that encapsulate the consensus and clearly delineate the bases for their conclusions; and/or
  5. Choreograph expert witnesses to maximize the impact of the consensus on juries and judges; and/or
  6. Direct the preparation of expert submittals to appropriate regulatory bodies setting forth the consensus on the issues in question; and/or
  7. Create a document which delivers the consensus on health impacts of environmental contamination or energy operations and developments.

These are our deliverables.  

Medical and Scientific Consensus - The Process

I have designed a unique consensus building process which mirrors those utilized by the National Academy of Sciences and other august scientific bodies to reach important opinions and conclusions.  My process begins with a clear definition by the client of the issues to be addressed and an understanding of the budget for the activity.  After having reviewed the relevant literature and mastered the issues to be examined, I present a detailed outline as to how I propose to reach the consensus.  This includes the medical and scientific disciplines that would form the foundation of the consensus team and the specific experts I would propose to recruit for the process. In essence, we would create our own “National Academy of Sciences” elite team.  

Once the experts have been recruited, I direct the process that ultimately leads to the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus.  This process can take various forms depending on the requested deliverable.

The power of this process lies in the interchange among the experts representing the key disciplines and the qualifications of each of the members of the medical and scientific consensus team.  As a result, the consensus opinions and conclusions are incontrovertible. 

In addition, this process is extremely cost effective, since the deliberations of the expert team and the unanimous conclusions they reach can form the bases for multiple deliverables.  

What do I Mean by Multidisciplinary Health Consensus Documents?

I am an expert in designing, conducting and producing consensus documents authored and sponsored by multiple world-renowned experts that definitively establish the medical and scientific consensus on key causation, drug safety, chemical toxicity or environmental contamination health issues.

These consensus documents present the scientific truth on health issues that arise in the context of national litigation campaigns, in the court of public opinion, among the medical and scientific communities and in the regulatory arenas.  Taking multiple forms, the consensus documents are designed for publication in leading peer-reviewed journals, constitute the basis for compelling expert testimony, and are constructed for submittal to regulatory agencies. They also can be formulated to affect public opinion, address concerns of the medical and scientific communities, and to assist interaction with communities concerned about the effects of environmental contamination. 

The underlying foundation of these consensus documents is that they are authored and endorsed by world-leading authorities whose expertise is beyond question.  They examine the issues submitted for evaluation from every conceivable perspective, discuss and critique all available evidence and present a chain of reasoning leading to unassailable conclusions. 

These consensus documents derive unparalleled persuasive power from the quality and thoroughness of their discussions, as well as from the number of world-renowned authorities who author and embrace the conclusions therein.  People believe you can persuade one, two or three people to say just about anything, particularly when rendering separate, individual opinions.  We reverse this negative perception by delivering a large number of world-leading experts who individually and collectively reach the same set of conclusions. 

My role in this process is one of conductor, director and facilitator.  I define the issues to be addressed, recruit the most authoritative and objective experts, and provide them with all relevant published articles and critical data necessary for a complete consensus assessment.  The opinions rendered in the consensus document are those of the experts, not mine.  I conduct the orchestra; I do not play the instruments.