My Expertise

I am a Master of the Consensus Creating Process
For years, I have directed the creation of multidisciplinary documents and testimony that render a common conclusion.

I am a Conductor
The conductor of an orchestra directs the musicians to play a single interpretation of a musical score.  Similarly, I have mastered the art of directing the expert panel to reach unanimous conclusions on the health issues critical to the outcome of the matter. 

I am a Recruiter 
I have the unique ability to recruit the world’s best clinicians, toxicologists, pharmacologists, epidemiologists and environmental experts into my medical and scientific consensus process. 

I am a Composer 
I compose innovative and trial-tested winning medical causation presentations that force the opposition to prove the negative.  In the past, I have applied this expertise to both toxic tort and pharmaceutical product liability litigation, achieving outstanding results.

I am a Medical Causation Trial Specialist
As lead counsel, I tried and won pivotal cases in jurisdictions across the United States involving claims that chemical exposure or prescription drugs caused life-threatening diseases or impairments.  A significant portion of these cases involved young children.  My successes in these cases were largely based upon the innovative and aggressive use of biological probability and a thorough understanding of the underlying biology of diseases, malformations or impairments.  

I am a Toxic Tort Trial Lawyer 
While at Akin Gump, I founded and for twenty years led one of the largest and most successful toxic tort practices.  I served as national counsel for a large number of major oil, chemical and manufacturing companies for whom I was responsible for most, and in some cases all, of their toxic tort litigation.  I defended and defeated bet-the-company environmental, occupational, household and product toxic tort cases.  These cases involved the most serious medical claims, such as cancers, birth defects and other developmental abnormalities, neurocognitive and psychiatric disorders, immune dysfunctions and potentially life-threatening cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.  As a toxic tort trial lawyer, I amassed a very successful record achieving several landmark victories and important firsts.

I am an Expert on the Biological Processes that can lead to Disease 
During my forty plus years as a toxic tort trial lawyer, I have amassed an understanding as to how the various biological processes lead to the diseases most often encountered in toxic tort and pharmaceutical product liability litigation.  This allows me to incorporate into my medical causation case designs the important concept of biological probability.  Biological probability is the hallmark of my approach to medical causation and when presented correctly is a very powerful concept for the jury or judge.  

I am an Environmental Specialist ~ I have been lead counsel in some of the most important environmental litigation in the nation’s history. These cases involved, for example, the TransAlaska Oil Pipeline, LNG terminals, discharge of pesticides into ecologically sensitive water bodies, contamination of groundwater and surface water, air emissions, soil contamination, and the impact of contamination on the safety of seafood.  Many of these cases included assertions that there was a threat to human health posed by the environmental exposure or contamination and/or that the risk to human health warranted medical monitoring.